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  • Furthermore, ANOVA was used to compare acculturation and EDEQ outcomes of immigrant women with the history of being married to British/American and those without such a history.
  • I have also lived exclusively in the capital, Tbilisi, which I appreciate is very different to living in a Georgian village.
  • And female entrepreneurship – a major force that empowers women, diversifies incomes, and fosters overall economic growth – faces limitations, resulting in only one-fifth of firms having female participation in ownership and only 16% of firms with a female CEO or senior manager.
  • Moreover, in the long term, assimilation may turn into another conventional and authentic acculturation strategy and, as demonstrated by our findings, linked with favorable outcomes.

Nearly half (47.3%) of the participants reported having normal/average financial status. To shift public perception of women in politics, the Women of Georgia project, supported by NDI, launched #PolitikaSHE ahead of the 2020 elections. The aim of the project is to focus public attention on how stereotypes and intimidation can hinder women’s political participation, and how excluding women from politics is detrimental to all Georgians. The campaign managed to reach more than half a million Georgians in all regions of the country through Facebook. Only by highlighting and identifying these gender gaps can Georgia address them. The country will need to develop relevant skills among girls, end occupational segregation and promote female participation in STEM fields, provide formal care for children and the elderly, assist women’s labor transitions and fight discrimination in labor markets, and challenge societal mindsets and biases.

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Moreover, in the long term, assimilation may turn into another conventional and authentic acculturation strategy and, as demonstrated by our findings, linked with favorable outcomes. Therefore, it might be argued that acculturation is a dynamic process and it is time and stage-specific which strategy of acculturation is most appropriate for an individual or group. Even though we do not consider it appropriate to apply the recommended cut-off value of 2.3 of EDEQ global score to our sample, we still checked how many participants in each group scored higher just for the purposes of shedding light on the distribution of extreme eating patterns. Findings showed that EDEQ global scores of 33.2% of immigrants and 31.6% of nonimmigrants exceeded the recommended cut-off value with rather similar distribution of the data in the two groups.

The research was conducted by the organization Promundo – the global leader in advancing gender equality and preventing violence by engaging men and boys, and the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia, based on the International Men and Gender Equality Survey . Stepwise regression analysis results of EDEQ outcomes and EAAM acculturation scores. Links between the history of marriage with British/American, acculturation, and EDEQ outcomes. The majority of Georgians, 78 percent according to NDI’s July 2019 poll, support the idea that women should make up at least 30 percent of parliament. Ahead of the 2020 elections, parliament passed gender quotas requiring at least one of every four candidates in proportional party lists to be a woman. Thirty women were elected to parliament percent of the 150 seats and more than ever before, but still short of 30 percent. Representation is even lower in local governments, where only 13.5 percent of sakrebulo seats are held by women, and only one of 64 mayors is a woman.

Acculturation Conditions

Higher scores indicate more disordered eating psychopathology. Suggested clinical cut-off for the EDEQ global score is 2.3 .

You can support us today for as little as $1 a month and join us in the fight for a better Caucasus. In particular, those who have been living and working illegally in Italy before March 8, 2020 and who had a visa or residence permit that expired after 31 October, 2019 had the chance to legalise their status in the country. Many Georgian women are vulnerable to both labour and financial exploitation — especially because they work and live in the country without legal status and its attendant protections.

Disordered eating patterns represent eating related unhealthy behaviors (e.g., excessive concern about weight and shape, excessive dieting, self-induced vomiting) that resemble Eating Disorders but are exhibited in a smaller degree in terms of frequency and intensity . Traditionally believed to be affecting women of affluent societies , the prevalence of EDs has been increasing among diverse populations and cultures (4–8).

With the support of high profile men from sports, arts and media, UN Women promotes respect for women’s rights and gender equality and raises awareness about violence against women and girls and domestic violence. UN Women provides technical support to the government in mainstreaming gender into the Security Sector Reform and supports the policymaking process around the landmark UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and subsequent resolutions. Nevertheless, the ways these studies defined and measured acculturation varied significantly and many of them did not sufficiently examine acculturation variables relevant to the well-being outcomes (48–50). As the process of acculturation is multifaceted, the impact of a variety of factors (e.g., acculturative stress, internalizations of Western cultural values, acculturation variables) on one’s well-being tends to be accumulative and the individual influence of each is hard to determine. Thus, more studies are needed encompassing diverse populations to advance the knowledge on the associations between immigration, acculturation and eating patterns, and to examine the unique ways of responding to culture change by each group. While separation strategy is a natural reaction on culture change at the initial stages of immigration, one might speculate that after years of living in another country, it might be indicative of serious internal or external difficulties of adjustment. In contrast to separation, marginalization as a condition that implies cultural identity confusion, might be more natural after spending a substantial period away from one’s home as opposed to early stages of relocation.

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